Used Equipment

Below you will find equipment which has been in use before and are still fully functional. Are you looking for something specific you don’t find here, please contact us, and we might be able to locate it in our network.

Schenk NIRO 1000/250 plate and frame filter
Build in 1992, with 250 HFK chambers, gaskets and filter sheets.
Can be sold as is, refurbished or rebuild to a smaller filter, larger filter or to a kieselguhr filter.
Transport, assembly, installation and startup can be arranged by us.
Call or mail for price.
Filter elements for Schenk ZHF Filter.
60 pcs. of filter elements, which has recently been rescreened with a KPZ55 mesh.
Both main and scavenge elements. Delivered with new spacer ring seals.
Main elements:
Outer diameter: 1200mm
Inner diameter: 165mm
Height: 32mm
Call or mail for price.
Can be sold in smaller batches.