Plate & frame filters – Spare parts and gaskets

Plate & frame filters – Spare parts and gaskets


Schenk Niro – Seitz Orion – H&K
No matter which of the above-mentioned filters you are using in your production, we can supply the parts needed to keep it running as smooth as possible. We know the importance of using gaskets with the right fit and compound, no matter if the product is filtered warm or cold. Therefore, we have specialized in supplying gaskets handling upwards of 200°C, in any size you may need. Also, we supply glide shoes, pins, pressure gauges and hydraulics (piston and pump).

Filter Gaskets

Seitz Filters
Orion 40 filter Orion 60 Filter Orion 100 Filter
32×20 mm Filter Plate 50×20 mm Filter Plate 80×20 mm Filter Plate
32×32 mm Kieselguhr End Frame 50×45 mm Kieselguhr frame 80×45 mm Kieselguhr frame
32×35 mm Endplate 50×9 mm Endplate 80×9 mm Endplate
32×45 mm Kieselguhr Frame
32×9 mm Filter Frame

Schenk Filters
Niro 400 Filter Niro 600 Filter Niro 1000 Filter
32×12 mm Kirselguhr and Sheet Filter 72×12 mm Kieselguhr Filter 106×15,5 mm Hole Plate
72×16 mm Sheet Filter 106×14,5 mm HFK Plate