Filter media

Filter sheets, cartridges and stacked disc cartridges



BECO and Eaton Technologies
NS Filtration ApS cooperates with BECO / Eaton Technologies, Filtration Division, in supplying our costumers with a wide variety of filter medias, from one of the leading manufactures. Including, but not limited to the following.

Filter sheets
BECO designs and manufactures an extensive set of depth filtration sheets and pads. These top-quality depth filter media products are suitable for a wide range of food and beverage.

Cartridge filters can be the logical choice for a wide variety of applications with varied flow rates that require sub-micron retention rating, including food and beverage.

Stacked disc cartridges
The individual cells of the BECODISC stacked disc cartridges are constructed using BECO or BECOPAD depth filter sheets. The robust and compact design offers protection against bypass effects, reduced setup times, and handling simplicity.